BIG Steps Toward Educational Prosperity and Success Under Pressure

– is a comprehensive educational and mentoring program designed to improve outcomes across behavioral, social, emotional, and academic domains of youth and adolescent development. (non-profit status pending); specializing in pre-College, College, and post-College readiness and preparedness.

Are you looking for a DYNAMIC, ENGAGING, and LIFE CHANGING Speaker, who can EMPOWER and EDUCATE your AUDIENCE??? 
LOOK NO FURTHER. . . Linwood Webster (M.Ed., M.S.) can DO IT!!! 
My personal and professional story, "From the hogpen,... My Rise, My Climb, My Grit, My Grind" changes lives.

BIG S.T.E.P.S. U.P. - Color Brochure 
Linwood Websteran Academic Advisor for over 16 years in the humanities, arts, and social and behavioral sciences division in UNC-Chapel Hill’s College of Arts and Sciences, was awarded a 2016 counseling Fellowship from the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) Foundation.  More information 
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